Warming up the room in the shortest possible time using the TROPIK heat guns

When approaching the cold season, the issue of additional and basic heating of premises becomes relevant. Ideal option for fast heating of various types of rooms &
rooms, warehouses, workshops, garages and workshops, is a heat gun. The reason for this is the low cost of this device with its high heating capabilities.


The heat gun is a powerful electric fan heater. It creates a powerful stream of warm air due to which the room quickly warms up. Ten is used as a heating element in a heat gun. For safety and protection against various types of damage, the heat gun has a durable metal housing.

The most important characteristics when choosing a heat gun are power and airflow performance, which must correspond to the technical characteristics of the room that needs heating and the average air temperature in it.

Thus, if you are planning to solve the heating issue economically and effectively, then you should stop your choice with the TROPIK heat guns.

TROPIK fan heaters

TROPIK fan heaters are fully developed in the TROPIK company’s own design department. Production was launched only 6 years ago, which is a significant advantage of Tropic products over domestic competing brands, which are made in outdated factories that have been operating since Soviet times. By design and consumer qualities, the TROPIK devices are specially adapted for the climatic conditions and electric networks of Russia. It is worth noting the wide range of this manufacturer: with a heating power of 2 to 30 kW, which allows you to choose the most efficient model for each case.

TROPIC heat guns

TROPIK heat guns are the best domestic equipment in their class and are one of the most popular in the domestic market . As for the technical characteristics, here the TROPIK heat guns are not inferior to foreign manufacturers:

  • The reliable and silent engine is designed for trouble-free operation for many years, and the all-stamped impeller of the heat gun provides the greatest air flow due to the optimal configuration of the blades
  • Ten is made of a seamless tube (stainless steel) and does not burn oxygen during operation

  • The presence of a temperature controller allows you to automatically maintain a constant temperature in the room, smoothly set in the range 0-50 °
  • TPCs are equipped with a dual thermal protection system (thermostat and a bimetallic thermostat), which eliminates the possibility of overheating, and in case of emergency breaks the electrical network
  • TROPIK heat guns have a compact and durable steel casing on the outside, coated inside with a durable polymer coating, eliminating the possibility of corrosion
  • Convenient control system is designed to operate in full heating power, partial power or fan mode.

Providing heat, TROPIK heat guns will also take care of comfort: low noise level allows them to be used in residential premises, the handle stand is easy to carry and allows you to suspend the fan heater on a wall or racks using brackets. Modern design goes well with the interiors of various commercial, technical or residential premises.