The optimal solution for high humidity - DanVex dehumidifiers

Climate and comfortable environment are fundamental factors of human health, the initial conditions for his successful life. And in this sense, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of such a factor as the air that surrounds us, inevitably affecting the whole process of our life. Along with such characteristics of air as its temperature and degree of pollution, its humidity is no less significant.


Note that living quarters, pools, kitchens, laundries, saunas, hairdressers, garages, basements, gyms and warehouses all these are rooms with high humidity.

And air containing too much moisture adversely affects people's health: the cold is felt sharper and the risk of infection increases, such air especially affects children's health they begin to hurt constantly. It can also be noted that the main reason for the destruction of surfaces in rooms, corrosion, rotting materials and the formation of mold is increased humidity.

How to get rid of high humidity

All these problems associated with high humidity can be easily solved with a dehumidifier. It is this device that is able to reduce air humidity and maintain it in the desired state.

It should be noted that the air dryer helps to reduce fuel consumption when heating the room, since it takes less energy to heat dry air than to heat humid air.

The expediency of acquiring an air dryer is beyond doubt, and then it is only up to his choice.

model It should be noted that mobile dehumidifiers are the most popular and practical, since they do not require installation and can be easily moved. And in this class DanVex dehumidifiers are the undisputed leader. The combination of quality, technical specifications and cost does not cause doubt that this is really the best choice.

Air Dryers DanVex

The DanVex dehumidifiers considered are dehumidifiers of a condensation type (dehumidifiers of this type are the most efficient, practically silent and have a relatively low cost) . This method of air drying is based on the principle of condensation of water vapor contained in the air when it is cooled below the dew point.

The fundamental characteristic of a dehumidifier is its performance, which determines how much water per unit time a dehumidifier can remove at a certain temperature and humidity. Among all manufacturers of mobile dehumidifiers, it’s DanVex dehumidifiers that have the highest performance :

  • DanVex DEH 300 model - daily drainage 30 l / h

  • DanVex DEH 600 model - daily drainage 60 l / h

Another very important parameter is the presence of a built-in hygrostat. Built-in Hygrostat a device that controls the dehumidifier depending on the actual humidity in the room. In the DanVex DEH 300 and 600 models, you can explicitly set the desired humidity, and the dehumidifier will maintain it automatically. Simple devices, when turned on, work continuously until you turn them off, or until the tank is full (in this situation, all models are usually turned off), which is uneconomical and often inefficient.

You should also pay attention to the range of operating temperatures. The efficiency of the dehumidifiers is lower, the lower the air temperature. At low temperatures, they cease to drain the air. The temperature range of the models under consideration is quite wide: 6-32 degrees.

As for the secondary characteristics, here DanVex air dehumidifiers meet the highest modern requirements: compact dimensions, the case is made of high-strength plastics, equipped with a liquid crystal display, protection system when filling the tank, as well as equipped with wheels, thanks to which they are easy to move. Therefore, DanVex dehumidifiers can be installed almost anywhere in the room. The design of the latest generation dehumidifiers makes it easy to fit into any interior.

Thus, with the purchase of this dehumidifier you will not harm the design of your room at all, but only prevent premature destruction of surfaces, corrosion, mold and mustiness. And what's more, provide a healthier, and therefore more comfortable, environment for you and your loved ones.