The ITM SUNNY INOX 950 outdoor gas heater will provide a warm, Ramontic evening even in cool weather


Tired of offices and apartments, in the summer we strive to spend as much time as possible outside of dusty and stuffy rooms, whether it be a trip to the cottage or just dinner on the summer terrace of the cafe. However, it’s far from always that even the summer weather allows you to breathe in plenty of fresh street air and spend a pleasant evening in the open air: cool weather can disrupt comfort.

To overcome the bad weather and enjoy the coolness and freshness of a summer evening, you will be allowed to use a street gas heater . This simple and easy-to-use device will give warmth, as well as give the evening a special atmosphere of romanticism.

Street gas lanterns can become indispensable for summer cafes, having served not only as a street heater, but as a kind of decoration complementing the interior and giving it sophistication.

In addition to providing warmth, comfort and a pleasant atmosphere, outdoor gas heaters are also economical and easy to handle. The gas lamp consists of a standard gas bolon hidden in the housing;
the stand coming from it, hiding inside the hose for connecting the gas bolon to the burner that gives heat. It is noteworthy and convenient that the gas cylinder after gas exhaustion can be refilled and again enjoy the radiated heat of these beautiful devices.

The street gas heaters presented in our online store differ in the workmanship and color of execution, so it’s easy for you to choose the perfect gas lantern for your interior and arrange romantic evenings that are imbued with the warmth and mysterious atmosphere of the open air from early spring to late fall!