Source filters: spring water source in your home

There is no need for a modern resident of a big city to explain that tap water is a bad ally to the health and safety of home appliances (in order to protect the water at the water treatment plants, chlorine is introduced into the water, but over time it loses its disinfectant quality and the water goes through kilometers of pipes from the motor ring to the city center receives secondary pollution). And this water flows from the tap in our house! From it we prepare food for ourselves and our family, but there can be no question of just drinking it from a tap!

Filters But in today's environment, reputable doctors strongly advise residents of big cities to drink at least 2 liters

of clean (!) Water daily ! This allows you to flush out the body from the harmful substances that settle in it during life.

There are several more solutions to this situation: the same bottled water, filter nozzles on the tap, jugs with filter cartridges. These options can be attributed to &
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(do not require installation) and cheap enough, since they do not require significant costs at a time. But these filters have a low degree of cleaning, low cleaning speed, as well as a short service life, all this makes these options far from optimal. The most modern and best in the field of water purification are reverse osmosis systems (all eminent brands for bottled water bottling use just such a method). &

The best Russian water purification filters based on this method are ISTOK 5 M / E filters. For more than 15 years, ISTOK filters have been produced by the largest and most authoritative in the field of water treatment and water purification Russian research company Mediana-Filter. All filters for water purification and their components are certified by GOST STANDARD OF RUSSIA.

The reverse osmosis method is built on the principle of a living cell, whose membrane (the membrane is simplified to be a semi-permeable material) is not able to pass through itself anything other than water and oxygen molecules. Such purification at the molecular level completely solves the problem of obtaining absolutely pure water. Unlike filters using coal, the reverse osmosis system membrane does not retain filtered impurities, since it operates on a different principle, dividing the incoming water flow into two parts. The first part passes through the membrane and is cleaned, and the other, contaminated part, washes the membrane and goes into the sewer.

Thus, the highest quality of the produced water remains unchanged over time. And you get a source of clean water of the highest quality right at home!

The productivity of such a system is 100- 190 liters

per day (depends on the pressure of the water supply network and the temperature of the water supplied). And taking into account the cost of this filter, its performance and the service life of the main components, we can conclude that, as a result, installing the ISTOK filter is much more profitable than the constant purchase of bottled water.

So, in order to enjoy the coolness and freshness of pure drinking water, you just need to install the ISTOK 5 M / E filter under the sink in the kitchen (for this you will certainly need a qualified installer), a separate chrome-plated faucet is installed for clean water. <
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And then everything is extremely simple and pleasant: with a light turn of the screw of a small gently tap, you get clean water that will provide you and your family with health and longevity.