Household series of air conditioners Mitsubishi Electric

The Japanese company Mitsubishi Electric is one of the most famous and recognized equipment manufacturers in the world, the purpose of which is to make the stay in the office, at home or in any other room as comfortable and safe as possible. The composition of the air, especially in large cities, does not always meet the requirements of a healthy lifestyle, the ecology often leaves much to be desired. The creators of the company approached this difficult task with ingenuity and conscientiousness, acting in the spirit of the latest scientific developments and achievements of scientific and technological progress. In this direction, the company began its activities in 1921, the first products were household fans, which were then considered a real miracle of technology. But the creators of Mitsubishi Electric did not think to rest on their laurels, having achieved well-deserved recognition and popularity. They went further, engaged in the production of air coolers, which was not an easy task, given that each climate zone passing through the territory of Japan requires its own temperature regime. For this, the development of sophisticated systems was needed that could ensure uninterrupted operation in any climate zone in Japan and beyond.


Benefits of Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners

The basic principles that guide the creators of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners are to take care of human health and the environment. Their products are not only effective and durable. These air conditioners consume much less electricity than their "counterparts"
produced by other companies, and are also virtually silent, which is also an important advantage. According to leading psychotherapists, staying in a room with a constant noise background negatively affects the state of the nervous system, reduces work efficiency and can lead to stress and other health problems.

It should also be noted that the company is responsible for the process of manufacturing air conditioners from the beginning to the very end. All Mitsubishi Electric products are assembled in factories owned by the company. This means that the quality of air conditioners is not inferior to the main idea. All of them are reliable and easy to use.


Wall split systems Mitsubishi Electric

Household air conditioners

One of the most important activities of this company is the production of domestic air conditioners intended for use at home. Nowadays, with the fast pace of life associated with numerous psychological stresses for a modern person, it is very important that staying at home becomes as comfortable and safe as possible. It is at home that a person regains strength for further professional activity, emotionally relaxes, takes time to communicate with relatives and loved ones. It is very important that all this takes place in a favorable atmosphere, that the air in the house is cleaned of undesirable impurities that are harmful to health, and also is heated or cooled to the desired temperature.

Quality control

In the manufacture of domestic air conditioners, careful quality control is carried out at each stage. The materials and components that go to the company's factories pass a series of tests for compliance with the proper technical level. Each ready-made air conditioner that came off the assembly line turns on and works for about half an hour. Moreover, information about each employee of the company involved in the assembly of a certain air conditioner is stored in a computer for several years. And besides everything else, several units of products are selected from each batch for in-depth testing in the laboratory.

FEEL function

For all models of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners, an automatic mode is provided, otherwise called the FEEL function. Each consumer can choose and maintain the necessary temperature parameters in accordance with their wishes. Also, all models of domestic air conditioners are equipped with a twenty-four hour timer, providing for turning on and off and discreteness for ten minutes.

Auto restart function

Also, domestic air conditioners are equipped with a function that provides a repeated automatic restart in case of a power failure. The set of necessary parameters is recorded in the device’s autonomous memory and can be stored for many years. The control circuit is powered by a pulsed source. This made household models smaller and much lighter in weight. And also you can not be afraid that the air conditioner will “freeze”
if a failure occurs in the mains voltage.

The Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-FD25VA-E1 model is equivalent to the number of wall-mounted air conditioners, the use of which allows you to save space in the living room, which is especially important in a small apartment. It is the most popular among air conditioners called inverter. Its distinguishing features are a motion sensor, Plasma DUO air purification system, which involves double cleaning, as the name implies. It also boasts energy efficiency of the highest class and the lowest noise level. It can successfully maintain a comfortable atmosphere in a room of up to twenty-five square meters.

Temperature conditions

The MUZ-FD35VABH-E1 model perfectly copes with the temperature regime where this air conditioner is installed, it will never be too hot or too cold. Weighing only thirty-six kilograms, it has a fairly modest size. In addition, this model of air conditioning has one indisputable advantage. It can be used where winter is severe enough and unpredictable. It copes well even with our Russian frosts, which can alternate with sudden thaws. The external heat exchanger of this model is able to quickly and efficiently thaw, which ensures the smooth operation of this wonderful household appliance. Deluxe indoor unit, that is, of the highest quality. In addition, in the indoor unit, the grill can change the direction of movement of the air stream.

Air conditioning model MFZ-KA25VA-E1 belongs to the category of floor. It is not only compact in size, but also in an aesthetically elegant design. Such a device will organically fit into any interior, it will look great in the bedroom, and in the nursery, and in the living room. Heated or if required, chilled air comes from below, which guarantees the best climatic conditions in the room. Equipped with antioxidant filter and anti-allergenic filter insert. In addition, the control panel is Russified, which does not allow to avoid additional inconvenience during use. The air conditioner of this model is extremely convenient to install, the noise level during its operation does not exceed twenty two decibels.

Model SEZ-KD25VA.TH is a channel air conditioner. Its internal blocks are no more than two centimeters high. The noise level of this model is record low - at most seven decibels. Able to cool air to minus fifteen degrees and heat it to plus twenty. Also, during its installation, additional work is not required to replace the pipeline and flush the lines. The direction of the air stream can be changed at will, it is equipped with a wireless control panel, which allows you to adjust the temperature regime from anywhere in the apartment.

The cassette air conditioner model SLZ-KA35VAL.TH is also worth mentioning. Its advantages include the independent fixation of each of the air dampers, the presence in the kit of a wireless control panel and a Russified wall panel.

MLZ-KA35VA-E1 is specially designed for rooms where the lack of space does not allow the installation of indoor wall units. You can also not worry about the availability of service space and a special hatch for maintenance. The airflow direction can be easily adjusted in four directions, both vertically and horizontally. It is equipped with convenient brackets on which the indoor unit is mounted. It should also be noted that there is a special nozzle on the vacuum cleaner, which makes it possible to clean heat exchangers, an anti-allergenic filter insert and a cachetin air filter without much difficulty.