DAIKIN Next Generation Air Purifiers

It is a well-known fact that air is large The cities are far from perfect and often contain a substantial amount of dust, lead and other heavy metals. And on average, each person inhales about 12 cubic meters of air daily.


Thus, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of the airspace surrounding us. The recent studies of the World Health Organization experts speak of the extreme importance of this factor: our health depends on the state of the environment by 60-80%. An important conclusion is that the air quality inside buildings has the greatest impact on human health, since approximately 80% of the time we are in enclosed spaces where the concentration of harmful air substances is at a maximum.

And it is quite natural that the problem of air cleaning has long been in the field of view of scientists. Climate equipment manufacturers pay particular attention to this problem, improving air purification methods every year.

DAIKIN, which has established itself as a manufacturer of highly reliable and high-quality equipment, has achieved special achievements in this area.

The new generation of air purifiers DAIKIN MCK 75J

The This year, DAIKIN introduced a new generation of DAIKIN MCK75J air purifiers that provide air purification from all harmful impurities, including viruses and gas pollution.

Ururu air purifier effectively removes allergens (such as pollen, dust mites, dust, etc.), bacteria and viruses. It has a high deodorizing ability, effectively eliminates tobacco smoke and decomposes other odors. The air purifier quickly collects microparticles of contaminants in the air and destroys them.

To ensure the maximum level of indoor air quality, the URURU air purifier uses a 6-stage purification system, which includes a catechin pre-filter, a plasma ionizer, a Flash Steamer device, an electrostatic dust filter, a titanium apatite photocatalytic filter and a deodorizing catalyst .

DAIKIN Ururu Air Purifier humidifies, eliminating the adverse effects of dry air. A useful and innovative humidification function is due to the use of a small capacity water tank and an evaporation mechanism. It is only necessary from time to time to fill the container 4 l with water and this will allow you to moisten the room with a maximum capacity of 600 ml/h. A humidified system with a divided air flow eliminates a decrease in room temperature, the system has a special bactericidal element with silver ions (service life more than 10 years).

As for the air purifier control system, here DAIKIN embodied in the new air purifier qualities that maximize the convenience and ease of use: indicators allow you to visually control the dustiness of the air, the presence of odors, humidity, air flow;
protection against children from the control panel.

It is also worth noting the extremely low noise level: 17 dBA sound pressure in &
silent mode &
raquo;, this makes the URURU air purifier ideal when used at night, in rooms up to 46 m2 .

So, when you purchase an air purifier, you get the opportunity to breathe clean air at home or in the office. But if you want the air cleaning quality and the environment to be as comfortable as possible, and the controls easy and enjoyable, then this should be exactly DAIKIN MCK75J air purifier .