Daikin FTXR Series Air Conditioners

Clean and fresh air in the conditions of a modern large city is almost a luxury, because due to the large number of factories, factories and automobiles surrounding it, air emissions pollute the atmosphere more and more. And even in our own house, we sometimes can not get rid of the smells that haunt everywhere. But with modern cooling systems you will have a unique opportunity not only to cool, but also to purify the air entering our home from the outside. A revolution in the air conditioning market was staged by Daikin in 2007. The attitude to air conditioners has changed precisely because of them. Today, the split system is a multifunctional device that combines a considerable number of functions. Daikin FTXR series air conditioners will take care of you and your loved ones, creating a unique atmosphere of cleanliness and coolness.

Design by Daikin

Developers of the Japanese manufacturer Daikin paid great attention to design, creating a premium model. The inner block impresses with its aristocracy and representativeness. All parts of the cooling system are manufactured at this plant under the constant supervision of quality specialists. All manufactured equipment undergoes rigorous and repeated testing for compliance with standards, which is the key to the long and successful operation of the Daikin FTXR series split systems.


For many users, one of the features of this series of air conditioners will be great news - a comfortable humidification system. A unique system has appeared in them that will help you maintain the ideal level of humidity, while it will not be necessary to purchase an additional humidifier. With Daikin FTXR air conditioning in your home, the humidity level will always be the best. The outdoor unit of the system takes the necessary amount of moisture from the environment, while the indoor unit distributes it evenly throughout the room. In addition to this system, another system was developed in the air conditioner that deals with gentle dehumidification of the air. This system allows the split system to operate flexibly, supporting the most comfortable mode.

Daikin FTXR Series Cooling System Feature

Another pride of Daikin FTXR cooling system manufacturers is the unique air purification system. The air conditioners of this series surpass their competitors in the quality of filtration, leaving them far behind. The air goes through two stages of cleaning - the outdoor unit cleans of exhaust gases, unpleasant odors, various allergens, plant pollen and dust particles, and the indoor unit is equipped with a four-stage filtration system that will not leave a trace from other particles polluting the air. The Daikin FTXR series air conditioner is especially good at clearing odors from the air, and it can handle tobacco smoke or other unpleasant odors. Fast electrons destroy harmful compounds thousands of times better than other air purification systems.

In addition to cleaning filters, the indoor unit is equipped with a vitaminizing filter. After thorough cleaning, the air is saturated with hyaluronic acid, which has a positive effect on the skin. It is necessary to clean the filters in this air conditioner twice a year, the period of their operation is three years. Thanks to this cleaning system, you can get not only clean and fresh air without pollution, but also take care of the health of your loved ones.

Ventilation system

Daikin FTXR Series air conditioning systems have a ventilation system that allows you to supply fresh air from the street. Thanks to thorough air purification, the problem of installing complex duct systems was completely solved. The microclimate of your home will be maintained at the most favorable level.

In addition to other positive qualities, Daikin air conditioners have a special cost-effectiveness, which can reduce energy consumption by 30% per year. This air conditioner is characterized by increased performance, which allows for maximum comfort immediately after turning on the device. At the same time, unique developments allow you to monitor the consumption of electricity, protecting it from overspending.

Separately, it is worth noting that thanks to the latest technology, the noise level is reduced to a minimum. The low noise level allows you to use the air conditioners of this series at night, even for those who are very sensitive to sleep. The temperature regime changes smoothly, allowing you to save energy. Comfortable temperature in your home is provided regardless of the outdoor temperature. Daikin FTXR series air conditioner can work not only in cooling mode, but also in heating mode, which will come in handy in cold autumn or spring.

Elite air conditioners Daikin

Elite air conditioners Daikin will allow you to maintain favorable temperature and humidity for as much time as you need. The “dual temperature control”
option will allow you to carefully monitor the temperature, not allowing it to deviate from the set parameters. Air masses are distributed in horizontal and vertical directions, creating a feeling of natural air circulation. In this case, you will be protected from drafts, which can cause colds.

The remote control is treated with an antibacterial composition. Indeed, many people know that there are a large number of microbes on it, and this will protect you from pathogenic bacteria. There is another innovation in the air conditioner - the “smart eye”
sensor, which allows you to save energy and switch the split system automatically to the “no one at home”
mode. This mode not only significantly save your own money, but also instantly return to the settings that you used before. After pressing the "start"
button, the microclimate is instantly restored.

Advantages of Daikin FTXR Series Air Conditioners

You can talk about the advantages of Daikin FTXR air conditioners almost endlessly, it is much better to see this from your own experience. Buy air conditioners from Daikin, and your house will always have good weather!