Daikin FTX Series Air Conditioners

Daikin FTX series air conditioners are inverter models that are classic and provide low energy consumption. Air conditioners of this series combine unsurpassed profitability combined with high quality and performance. Daikin FTX Series air conditioners achieve such high efficiency through an efficient inverter that reduces power consumption by more than 30%. When in standby mode, energy savings are reduced by five times. Due to this, Daikin air conditioners are classified as energy efficiency class “A”.

Assembly of air conditioners Daikin

The build quality of these air conditioners deserves special attention. Daikin air conditioners are assembled in the Czech Republic and Thailand, and there are the highest demands on build quality. In addition, a special quality control system is in place at Daikin factories, which is why the equipment of these factories is the most reliable and takes the leading positions in the market. All Daikin air conditioners are given an official 3-year warranty.

The Secret of Daikin Inverters

The secret of Daikin inverters is the continuous operation of the compressor, which is installed in the air conditioner, and it is possible to smoothly adjust its power. Inverter technology is comparable to the principle of the car, the more you press the pedal, the faster the car goes. The same thing happens with the inverter, the inverter does not turn off completely, and when it reaches the set temperature, the compressor instantly slows down. But with a sudden change in temperature conditions, the inverter instantly corrects the temperature. With this technology, the system never works idle, but only when necessary, when you need to provide the necessary temperature in the room. Due to these properties, inverters save not only electricity, but also the resources of the air conditioner.
The main advantages of the inverter are that the set temperature is reached very quickly, energy and therefore money are saved, the start-up time is reduced several times, there are no power surges. Inverters have very high accuracy in maintaining the temperature in the room.

What is the difference between the filter system?

The filter system, which is installed in air conditioners, saves your home from many pollution. The filter that is installed in them when exposed to sunlight and a special catalyst separates all particles that pollute the air, as well as eliminates unpleasant odors, separating them into water and carbon. In addition, the filter is treated with an antimicrobial solution, which is able to destroy all harmful bacteria and viruses. It turns out that this filter eliminates several sources of pollution at the same time. These are unpleasant odors, pathogens and contaminants. Then an air filter comes in, which eliminates large contaminants such as dust, poplar fluff, animal hair and organic allergens. This filter has a very fine structure, which allows you to qualitatively filter the air from all contaminants.

Daikin FTX series air conditioners is a wall-mounted split system, one of the first in the world that can supply fresh air to the room, and if necessary, moisten it. Conveniently, you do not need a container in which you would have to add water. Moisture is taken from the air conditioner. During the operation of the household humidifier, the treated air accumulates in the upper part of the room. When the Daikin air conditioner is in operation, the air is mixed using a convector and distributed evenly throughout the room.

Is there air purification?

Daikin air conditioners carry out air purification in two stages: first in the outdoor, then in the indoor units. At the initial stage, the catalyst decomposes all exhaust gases and unpleasant odors. The filter, which is located at the junction of the indoor unit with a flexible sleeve, traps pollen and dust. At the second stage of purification, the photocatalytic filter works. Atmospheric air that is sent to the outdoor unit passes through a cassette of absorbent material. The cassette rotates, which leads to the transfer of moisture to the heating zone. Fresh air passes through the heated area and captures a significant amount of moisture.

The source of the streamer discharge, in comparison with the smoldering one, creates a stream of fast electrons, it destroys odorous substances a thousand times faster, with the same energy consumption. All bacteria, viruses, odors and other particles that have passed through the previous filters are decomposed, and fresh and clean air enters the room.

All horizontal dampers have an independent drive, which makes airflow focused. This reduces the number of vortices and stagnation of air, while ensuring uniform temperature conditions. The temperature difference within a radius of half a meter from the air conditioner will be no more than one degree.


How is moisture maintained?

Thanks to the Dry function, humidity in the room can be maintained at the level you set. This will not only improve your well-being, but also save energy by changing the speed of the compressor and fan, while maintaining the temperature constant. When choosing a comfortable mode, the air conditioner will direct the cold air flow parallel to the ceiling, and the warm air vertically down. The distribution of air, therefore, is most optimal for a comfortable stay near the air conditioner.

The air conditioner can be controlled using a smartphone, tablet computer via an Internet connection. In addition, there is support for the weekly planner and the loading of weather data.

Authorized service will keep the air conditioner operational after the factory warranty. Warranty service is provided only with a warranty card. Daikin FTX series air conditioners are certified and meet all the documents of European climate organizations.