Cost-effective solution for heating medium and large rooms - Ballu diesel guns

If the average temperature in your warehouse or production room, greenhouse, building site or just a temporary easy-to-build building is too low and does not correspond to what you want, and you want to solve the problem quickly, simply and inexpensively, then you should choose a heater that works, fuel oil &
diesel heater.


When do you need heating rooms with gas or electricity?

Especially these devices are indispensable where there is no way to heat the room with gas or electricity.

First of all, diesel heaters are used to heat open areas of space or premises in the conditions of construction and repair. This is explained by the fact that during the combustion of fuel there is a large loss of oxygen, so it is necessary to use them only in well-ventilated rooms.

It should be noted that there are two types of diesel heaters: direct and indirect heating. Diesel heaters of indirect heating I have a special pipe for connecting a chimney that takes combustion products out of the heated room. Direct-heating diesel heaters are distinguished by the fact that they emit combustion products directly into the environment.

However, diesel heaters have many advantages: they are quite economical and efficient, have a high efficiency indicator (close to 100%), and therefore are widely used in industry and other fields of activity.

Ballu diesel guns

From the most common and rational point of view: price ratio &
quality, Ballu diesel heaters are the best choice.

Ballu diesel guns allow you to quickly heat a large area, in addition to heating, they can be used for ventilation and air drying in the room.

The production line of Ballu diesel guns is very wide, which allows you to choose the perfect option that matches the conditions of your room. The most important characteristic of a diesel heater &
its power, since the heating area depends on it. Ballu produces diesel heaters from 16.1 to 105 kW.

As distinctive features of Ballu diesel heaters, a high degree of safety during their operation should be noted due to equipping the heaters with a safe thermostat for protection against overheating, as well as a photovariator controlling ignition. The housing of the heaters is made of stainless steel, which makes it fireproof and highly reliable. To facilitate transportation, the model is equipped with wheels and comfortable handles.

All these characteristics make Ballu diesel heat guns a new generation of systems with improved performance with a regulator burning and four degrees of protection. A reliable external temperature sensor allows you to work in automatic mode. Simplicity in management and high productivity do devices of this class the most widespread for medium and large rooms.