Comfort with the most modern split system DAIKIN FAQ71B / RZQ71DV

Since ancient times, man has been striving to create the most comfortable living conditions for himself. And if the climate outside the window is not subject to man and is not always favorable, then the weather in the home or office in our century of modern technology can be installed in accordance with individual wishes.

The most acute microclimate issue in the room arises during the summer heat. At the same time, cooling the room to the optimum temperature will not be difficult for any air conditioning system (with sufficient power), but the question of the most favorable climate is far from being limited to the optimal air temperature. After all, it is also a health issue! &
And, therefore, well-being and health. Therefore, in addition to cooling, a modern good air conditioner should also ventilate, and if it is required to drain and ionize the air.

Thus, every year new items are added to the list of requirements for the air conditioner. And those of the manufacturers who pay much attention to their own technical developments and are the most successful and reliable. Thus, the Japanese company DAIKIN, which has eighty-five years of experience in the field of climate technology, every year replenishes its production line with new increasingly modern models.

Split system DAIKIN

An example is the latest model DAIKIN split system FAQ71B / RZQ71DV. This split system, in addition to the already widespread qualities for DAIKIN air conditioners (such as compact design, continuous swing mode, automatic restart function, self-diagnosis function and automatic mode selection), also has new advantages that are very pleasant during operation. So &
The advantage is, for example, the low noise level of the indoor unit - from 37 dBA (and this is a little louder than a person's whisper). The following functions are also designed to provide maximum comfort: air dehumidification mode (maintains relative humidity in the room from 35 to 60% without changing the temperature) and weather conditions (it maintains microclimate comfort at any time of the day by automatically changing the room temperature in accordance with changes outdoor temperature). Work on the timer (72-Hour Timer - is provided by programming the on / off time of the air conditioner for 72 hours ahead) and the ability to control using both a local remote control (wired or infrared) or a centralized remote control will forget about the difficulties of controlling the system.


Comfort and ease of use

Comfort and ease of operation, of course, the most important parameters, but do not forget about the economic side of the issue. And even from this point of view, the model in question cannot but rejoice! The fact is that this air conditioner is a super-economical inverter, which saves up to 70% of electricity compared to a conventional air conditioner. The secret of this phenomenon is very simple: a conventional air conditioner operates in discrete mode cooling, that is, it turns on - it cools the room and turns off until the temperature rises, and inverter models cool / heat the room, using full power first, gradually reducing it as it as the temperature approaches the set. Then split system with inverter begins to support a more economical mode of operation with minimal energy consumption.

Reduced energy consumption

This really reduces energy consumption and reduces room temperature fluctuations. The inverters do not constantly turn the compressor on and off, i.e. the resource of these air conditioners is higher. In addition, most of the time the inverter operates in the mode of maintaining the temperature at a low speed. Also thanks to this feature, the air conditioner does not create drafts.

To summarize, we can say that each of these functions individually is not exclusive, but here is a combination of all the above advantages in one air conditioning system, taking into account the highest quality DAIKIN air conditioners and the ratio of their cost, already causes a desire to purchase such a system and enjoy the comfort!